Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Changes, Opportunities, Beginnings

This past week has been a challenge for each role I perform daily; I grew as a mother, wife, and artist. I am glad to take a moment to reflect on that, and acknowledge the stress life can sometimes bring. This week brought a new school schedule for my oldest daughter, a change in work schedule for my husband, and I found out I have three classes booked for the month, which is a VERY good thing, particularly in the artist budget arena.

My family needs me so much, but they inspire me every minute. For example, the Mermaid necklace is inspired by my little water babies, who swam this whole long weekend! We had a blast swimming in the beautiful Gulf, at the Treasure Island Public Beach. We saw so many fish! I'll have to do a necklace with all of those magic fish as inspiration.

This necklace was made with Glass seed beads and little bits of Labradorite and moonstone. The center piece is a magical mermaid from Green Girl Studios, a favorite of mine for many years. The back has an inscription that reads "even lovers drown".

I've also included pictures of a necklace I call "Montana Blue Bird", with a more modern birdie motif and lots of freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, and Iolite beads woven throughout the seed bead base.

I wanted to include both of these necklaces in one post because they were made with the same basic technique, which is a (very) modified Zulu stitch. Zulu is fun and easy. It is also great for those times when you need to just go with the flow and design as you go along, making the beadwork more or less full, as desired.


  1. i absolutely love the mermaid one. it's gorgeous!!

  2. Beautiful! You have a wonderful way with words, Jaime. It's nice to hear the story behind the pieces. I'm also loving the mermaid one.