Monday, August 31, 2009

Lattice Variations

This bracelet has the most amazing feel and drape, literally a beaded fabric.

The stitch is called Lattice Weave, I think. I know it is a variation of right angle weave, and it is done with one needle, making it simple to do, but the progress is slow. It feels heavenly... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I stitched 10/o triangles (toho's I think) with 15/0 seeds that seemed smaller then a 15/o, tiny tiny bead holes... shudder. I used a size 12 needle and black c-lon thread, which always works up better then most of the other colors, though I do not know why that is true.

I added a pewter button closure, which is my current favorite way to end bracelets if I don't have any art glass beads that match. Must get more from Zen Art.

I went back to my old routine and used the scanner for the pics, and experimented with positioning and backgrounds. The backgrounds are scrapbooking papers that I had laying around. I am happy that the different background colors show how versatile the bead colors are, I would wear this bracelet with, hmmmmm... EVERYTHING!

This aqua version is my surprise favorite... I thought it would be too much. Nope, just right :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Ice Empress

I finished the Ice Empress Bracelet this afternoon, marking the first afternoon that my two girls let me get some beading done with them nearby, without any accidents. I am so relieved that I was able to have a few beads around the kids and no grabbing or messing around.

Anyway, I am proud of this piece, I felt confident during the entire creative process.

I used lots of little faceted Labradorite buttons, grey peacock freshwater pearl flat irregular chips, white freshwater pearls, and lots of different seed beads including 15/o, 11/0, and 8/o hex cuts. Woven with c-lon thread with a size 12 needle, the thread shredded many times and I had to add and end threads constantly, despite applying and reapplying Thread Heaven frequently. This was tricky as it filled up those beads holes so that I could barely get the needle to go through for the last pass.

I started the base for this bracelet with a chevron chain, then weaved a row of right angle on each side of the strip. I added the clasp and the outside row of Pearls on the next pass. Then I added the diagonal embellishments to the right angle weave boxes. Lastly, I added the Labradorite and more Pearls to the center row.

It measures 1.25 in wide by 7.5 in long. I think it would look lovely on a bride. I would wear it if I could marry my fantastic husband again.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hard at work on Photography

I have been trying to photograph some pieces to start selling online, trying trying trying. But... life keeps making other priorities for me. Had to run to the property assessors office to file for tax stuff, picked up forms from the pediatrician so the big girl can go to school, had a power outage, and the two year old wouldn't sleep last night until 2 a.m. Whew, how do I find time for my jewelry? Here are some of my efforts. I am not sure I like the results, but I am learning!

I really like the earthy jasper with the pine cone from my front yard. I am having a hard time with lighting... not sure where to put the lights!

The pine cone wearing a bracelet and then some pearl and sterling earrings.

I think this calcite pendant has an old fashioned feel to it, but I'm not sure how to make the picture feel more old fashioned. Maybe I should shoot it with a piece of my grandmother's crocheted lace.

I'll keep trying, and post my next batch of results. I'm beginning to think I need a new camera, and new camera skills. I have a digital photography book around here somewhere.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Finish it up, Put it away

Last night I wanted to relax and play cards. When I walked into my bedroom to grab a deck, I saw how messy my studio "area" was and I was compelled to act. I thought for a moment, can I just sit down and make something and skip the clean up? No, I had to deal with the chaos of bead and thread first. I made my sweet husband help me sort through everything, he provided much moral support. In very little time, I had my desk ship shape and ready to support more creative endeavors. I am so happy I organized!

Now that I was organized, I got back to work on this right angle weave piece I started creating a couple days ago. I made a base of right angle with delicas, then began embellishing with freshwater pearls and some coppery faceted glass.

You can see in this picture the base on the back, with the next layer of embellishment on the front. I love the how well the golden tones of the pearls blend with the matte gold delicas. I finished by weaving more delicas and 15/o seeds along the center and each edge, which gave it more structure and body.

I also added a third faceted glass bead between the other two in each of those rows, for a little more interest. It has an antique copper-finish pewter heart clasp. Hearts aren't my fave, but the color works great, and I had it laying around, so why not?

Overall, I am pleased with this bracelet, especially how comfortable it is on the wrist. I wanted a simple project, something I could just design as I went along without too much forethought, and that's what I did. Fun and relaxing can be rejuvenating, organizing can be rejuvenating, too. Maybe tonight I'll feel more up to a big bead challenge!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting Started

This is my "Empress Bracelet". It is made from 15/0, 11/0, and 8/0 hex cut japanese seed beads, as well as very pale blue topaz rondelles and grey freshwater pearls with a Bali sterling silver clasp. I sewed it using C-Lon thread and size 13 needles.

I used several different stitches, including chevron, right angle weave, and picot. The surface embellishment was the last step, and the most difficult, but very satisfying.

I wear this bracelet anytime I want to be identified as a beader... because people always notice it! I think of this as my signature piece.

I started this blog as a way to share my art and the process I use to make it. I hope to share my inspirations, mistakes, and finished pieces. I am without a camera currently :( so any jewelry pictures will be from my HP scanner, which is truly an HP and VERY cranky.