Sunday, September 27, 2009

Get Your Glam On

Wow. That is my response to my class yesterday. Or rather, my response to the ladies who took my class yesterday. It would be enough for me that they are interesting, eager, and friendly. An added plus would be how encouraging they were to each other, though they were strangers. But I say "WOW!" for a different reason. I am so amazed how these ladies were already coming up with ways to customize and adapt the technique I taught before they even finished their bracelets. Fittingly, we sat at a round table, sharing ideas, brainstorming, and i think we had some good lightning bolts come out of it.

I also came home with more Swarovski Rivolis, so I am going to go for the sparkle this week. I've been thinking about holiday party season this week, as well as holiday gift giving, so the bling is going to figure big for me coming up. I'll be teaching a rivoli pendant class in October, as well as a class on the peyote rings I worked on last week. Can't wait to get my glam on.

Also making a reappearance is this geode slice necklace, I made this six or seven years ago for my husband. He has been wearing it a lot lately, and he gets lots of compliments, which is a lovely stroking of my ego of course. I am surprised that I still even like this piece. So often, artists look back at their older pieces and see only the mistakes. But I still like the Geode! I wish I could get more geodes, trying to track some down. The botswana agates and onyx beads are also still captivating to me.

So many ideas to tackle... not that I'm complaining, I am ready to get to work.

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